August 1, 2010

Twenty-three Years Ago, In 1987... of the most significant events of the 20th Century commenced.

Planners, futurists, celebrities and common folk watched as the ground was broken for a construct of monumental size. In the planning stages since antiquity, when finished, it would stand as a testament to love, determination and sheer expertise to the peoples of the world.

It would one day be declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, though not everyone would agree. At least not right away.

It was a thing of beauty and without a doubt, it funneled goods and resources from one place to another, transporting a truly amazing amount of material.

Despite its age, this construct still stands, still moves, still works so well that it remains one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World and still brings people from all over the world together to gaze on it with amazement.

I am NOT talking about the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) that links England and France, you silly person! What were you thinking? (Say those sentences with a Monty Python French accent, please.) Well, not ONLY that...

I'm talking about Liz and me! For 23 years, we have stood together -- amazing people the world over (well, at least a couple people from other countries), a construct that will last a long, long time, connecting the world of man and woman, a thing of beauty (at least LIZ is!) and certainly a Wonder of the Modern World. I'm sure we'll continue to transport material from many places to many OTHER places.

I can think of nothing more amazing than our marriage.

I can think of no one else with whom I would like to spend eternity.

I love Liz!


Dorinda said...

Happy Anniversary-Happy Anniversary-Happy Anniversary-Haaaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary! Here's to 23 more wonderful years (at least) for 2 wonderful people! Love, Dorinda

Jill said...

That's really beautiful, Guy. It's amazing how God can bring two people together at a certain point in their lives that they choose to become one for a life time. To watch your love grow and deepen over the years is truly wonderful.