February 12, 2011

QUANTUM PHYSICS AND CHRIST something to get you thinking

Despite what you’ve heard, humans may be more like light than like lug nuts.

For a few hundred years, scientists knew that matter was made out of solid particles called atoms. A bit after that first observation, atoms were broken down into fundamental particles called protons, neutrons and electrons.

Then came quantum physics and the wave-particle duality of light. Quarks followed and then an entire suite of elementary particles. Suddenly the universe had more to do with how those particles were grouped than where those particles stayed. It had more to do with their relationships to each other than with being locked into certain places like the lug nuts holding a tire on a car.

The particles had bizarre names: up, down, charm, photon, pi-meson. Humans discovered as well that light was not only a particle called a photon, but an untouchable wave. This is the dual nature of light – touchable and untouchable, yet one thing.

Humans are built the same way. Touchable matter and untouchable spirit.

Light isn’t light without solid photons and invisible waves.

Humans aren’t human without solid bodies and invisible spirits.

Light exists in relationship.

Humans exist in relationship.

Some of us have trouble maintaining a good relationship with our physical bodies. Even though we know we should exercise, eat right, sleep well and relax, we don’t. We become couch potatoes, eat GIANT sized fast food, gulp caffeinated drinks to stay awake and stress over the future.

Maintaining a good relationship with our spirit is also important.

God, who said, “Let there be light!” wants to have a relationship with us but leaves it up to us.

We can choose to live on fries and caffeine. We can choose to live on nothingness or the golden rule.

God would rather have a light relationship with us.

God sent Jesus to earth to create a dual nature relationship with us. It is what we were made for. Like the dual nature of light, we have a dual nature of body and spirit.

Anyone can discover this dual nature and have a relationship with God. It has to be on God’s terms and not ours. God’s terms are Jesus Christ.

We can try being nice, having religion, or living responsibly; but none of these involve a relationship. We are supposed to be in relationship with God. There’s only one way to have that relationship, and that is through Jesus Christ.

Light has a dual nature through no choice of its own. It just is. You have a choice: allow God in Christ to be part of your dual nature or not.

Like light, you have a dual nature. Light is particle and wave. You are body and spirit. Like light, it took us a while to discover its dual nature. You have a chance to discover your dual nature now, through Christ.

The Bible puts it this way: “This is how much God loves the world: God gave the son, the ONLY son…that by believing in Him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.”

Discover your dual nature, have a relationship with God’s Son. Be light, not a lug nut.

image: http://andotadao.org/pic/chlight7.JPG


Beth Reinke said...

Thought-provoking post. Loved the anaology between light and humans - solid + invisible.

Paul said...

Of course, light isn't the only thing that has properties of both particles and waves; so do the things we formerly thought of solely as particles. Electrons, protons, and so on--they're all described by wave equations.

We are such stuff as dreams are made on.