November 6, 2011

Slice of PIE – Change of Name?

After four years, I’m starting to think about changing the name of my blog. But I’m not sure that will make any difference.

After four years, I’ve had something around 15000 hits (I know the counter is different, but since I’ve started, for one reason or another, the counter had to be reset). That’s a lot of hits.

Twenty-one people follow me. I’m very, very grateful to them!

I’m also wondering if it would be better if I renamed the blog to something less threatening.

I mean, think about it – in this day and age, how many people WANT to be irritated? Even possibly? There’s plenty to irritate me out in the real world without my intentionally seeking out MORE irritating essays!

Also, doing this on purpose means I have to TRY and bug people. The rest of my blog isn’t about that – it’s about working on my novels and kid’s books and seeking comments. I post a spare idea every Tuesday. My other blog is my own take as I’ve walked alongside my wife in her breast cancer experience (I do NOT want to say “journey”. That word implies taking a vacation or going somewhere you want to go – and arriving unscathed. My wife’s experience with breast cancer has been horrible, painful and full of weeping. There have BEEN joyful moments, but always after weeping…how’s that a “journey” of any sort? If you’re interested, you can check it out here:

So far, the tally isn’t very encouraging – one blog and one weekly post intended to help people; one blog post asking for comments on my work in progress (I work on three projects at a time); and even on Sundays, I have three subjects I cover: WRITING ADVICE, Possibly Irritating Essays, and (like this one) a Slice of PIE (intended to irritate people only a little bit).

The total? Of eight types of posts, six are intended to help others or to help me (though I’ve always hoped people commenting on my works in progress would learn a thing or two as I change foci, character names, locations and directions in the story as it develops. I suppose I wanted it to be a learning experience for them as well as me.) One is blatantly out to get people’s goats, the other can be but isn’t always. Sometimes it’s just observations on life.

So, how about an analysis? What are the titles of the top five most popular blogs on Blogspot?

Can’t seem to find that, but I did find this: Techorati lists 1,285,000 blogs in nine categories. The largest category is “Living” with 52000 blogs. Of those, the largest categories are “Arts” and “Home”, each with some 19000 blogs.

Another site ( lists popular sites as well.

When it gets to the Top ___ Personal Blogs, it gets very fuzzy. People begin to break them into categories such as Science Fiction/Fantasy; Finance; Health; Family and Inspiration. Then you have Blogspot’s “Blogs of Note” – though based on what people are saying, there doesn’t seem to be a specific process. Which is fine. It doesn’t bother me because they’re giving me a free forum with no strings attached. All I have to do is use it.

So – as I can’t change the system, maybe I’ll change the blog’s name…

How about INTERSECT – ‘cause I love CHUCK on TV. The word is also in the blurb under the title. I also like the implications as well. So we’ll see. PIE may soon be under a new name!



Paul said...

A few years ago, my company reworked its intranet, spending many long hours to make it look far uglier than its earlier iteration, and to soften the blow there was a "name the new intranet" contest. Everyone in the company could vote, and my entry won. But, the result was ignored and to this day the intranet still doesn't have a name. My (winning) suggestion: Larry.

GuyStewart said...

This made me laugh! (You could always start a mirror site and call it "My Other Brother Larry")...

Thanks! Laughs are hard to come by some days. Today is one of "those" days!

Ashley Williams said...

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Ashley Williams said...

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