July 29, 2012

Slice of PIE: Am I Crazy?

“As time goes on, I realize
“Just what you mean to me.
“And now, now that you're near,
“Promise your love that I've waited to share
“And dreams of our moments together.
“Color my world with hopes of loving you.”


When I was in high school, these words sounded more profound (not to mention making a longer song). Lately, I’ve started to realize several things.

One of those things is that I’m in a minority when it comes to plans for the future. It sometimes sounds like my peers are talking about winding down; retiring to do whatever they want, usually including travel, relaxing and entertaining themselves.

For me, I’m looking at the possibility of a career taking off and winding UP, doing what I’ve been doing all along, maybe traveling, working harder than I’ve ever worked before and entertaining others.

My question: Am I Crazy?

I’m not talking about getting VICTORY OF FISTS published and then hanging it up. Karen Grencik, with Red Fox Literary made this statement a few days ago: “I’m thrilled that this will be your second novel, in the event an editor would like to have a two-book deal.  Unfortunately, though, Guy, it isn’t quite ready for me to read.  I can see lots of areas where you can polish and tighten.  So, if you don’t mind, rather than wasting my time at this point and having to read it again after you polish some more…”

Lonnie Plecha at CRICKET wrote: “I’m not proposing a massive overhaul – more of an enhancing of what you have. You can email the revision to me…”

I’m not seeing much leisure in my retirement – if I choose to follow the course I’ve set myself. I’m seeing lots of work – today’s economy does NOT allow publishers a huge promotion budget for their darling writers! The effort comes from the writer – as to the promotional items, tours, interview opportunities and travel arrangements – not the publishers; certainly not from agents.

Really? I could just drop it now. Today. Stop, reboot and starting planning for Caribbean cruises, planting roses, looking into condo communities, living my life through my children and grandchildren, talking to people about my prostate, procedures and how things “used to be” more often than about vacation plans, the future and prospects for my career advances.

So “dream of moments together” (‘cause, don’t you know, “old men will dream dreams” (Joel 2:28) or “Color[ing] my world” with hopes of all SORTS of things?

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