December 25, 2016

Slice of PIE: Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas Season!

NOT using the panel discussions of the most recent World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City in August 2016 (to which I was invited and had a friend pay my membership! [Thanks, Paul!] but was unable to go (until I retire from education)), I will jump off, jump on, rail against, and shamelessly agree with the BRIEF DESCRIPTION given in the pdf copy of the Program Guide. But not today.

This morning is a Christmas blessing – I am unabashedly a Christian who also writes science fiction

That right there is incredibly irritating to some people both in and out of the SF field. It also signals others that because I’m a Christian, I must have voted for Trump…which I didn’t. (For the first time in my life, I refused to vote – because most of the candidates in the elections from national to local were, regardless of party orientation; rude, obnoxious, and didn’t in most ways represent me or my political views. So, I skipped the entire process. There. That’s all of the political rhetoric you’ll hear from me. Thank you.)

No matter your faith then, I wish you a blessed Christmas Season! Please accept the sentiment in the spirit in which it was given – as a good thought.

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