October 11, 2012


The idea for this starts with a story I tried to write about a thieving monkey who took keys and used them to unlock its cage. That was it. The story was called BRIGHT FLASH THE MONKEY’S PAWS. It was my third or fourth attempt at writing a picture book – and it was really bad. With the advent of the genre of steampunk, I started rethinking the story. Here it is –

While the monkey climbed down the railing of the balcony, Clementine ran down the stairs.

“Where are you going, Sweet Pea?” Daddy called.

“I’m going out to play!” she called back.

“Good! Don’t stay out too long. Don’t pet any animals or look at any fish or play with any lizards!”

Clementine laughed as she closed the door. She didn’t need a real pet any more. She had the monkey. She stopped and looked. “Where are you monkey?”

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