September 22, 2008

PIE: The Myth Busted...

After long consideration, reading and researching, I am retracting my previous article on the myth of global warming.

As well, I suggest all concerned Christians should visit this site and act on the advice of the Evangelical Climate Initiative:


Steven Brandt said...

Can you explain why you changed your mind?

Guy Stewart said...

Several reasons:

1) I spent several days in contact David Brin, essentially arguing the point of the Human causality factor in Global Warming (GW). He made several good points, the main one being that there is a strong possibility that the climate is more "knife-edged" balanced than I thought.

2) If there is ANY chance that we could do something to reverse or ameliorate GW, then we should do it.

3) Read a couple dozen articles on the subject from both sides of the issue.

4) Discovered the website I refer to in my retraction, followed several of their threads.

5) My intent had never been to "deny" GW, but to suggest that some peple have used this issue to replace God in their lives and have "given their life to GW" rather than giving their lives to Christ.

6) Last of all, belief or non-belief in GW need not be a divisive issue -- and I never once said "we should rape, pillage and plunder the earth because it's God's gift to us and we can do whatever we want". I WILL do my part ot ameliorate GW -- but even the most ardent GW people bemoan the fact that even if we return to pre-1970 emission levels, GW will not stop for another 1000 years.