May 30, 2012


Each Tuesday, rather than a POSSIBLY IRRITATING ESSAY, I'd like to both challenge you and lend a helping hand. I generate more speculative and teen story ideas than I can ever use. My family rolls its collective eyes when I say, "Hang on a second! I just have to write down this idea..." Here, I'll include the initial inspiration (quote, website, podcast, etc) and then a thought or two that came to mind. These will simply be seeds -- plant, nurture, fertilize, chemically treat, irradiate, test or stress them as you see fit. I only ask if you let me know if anything comes of them.

F Trope: reanimating the dead

 Leona Sheutiapik is the daughter of several Canadian legislators but in order to celebrate her ancestry, she is camping along Hudson bay. She’s also celebrating her 18th birthday – and successfully dodging a marriage her parents tried to arrange for her – to a FISHERMAN of all things! Enraged, she’s taken a sabbatical before she heads to college in Toronto in the fall…

Solveig Jones is a biracial high school senior – mom and dad divorced when he was twelve and he’s been living with Dad in the first ring suburb his dad grew up in. Solveig – everyone one at his school calls him Soul (and that’s what’s on his basketball jersey) – isn’t doing so well, though. Lots of cop trouble and lots and lots of grade trouble. Dad’s got a new wife and a baby girl to look after and following an arrest for marijuana possession, Dad ships Soul off to Canada where his mom is working on her PhD in Women’s Studies, interviewing and working among the newly active political force of women in Canada’s largest and newest federal territory. Soul is mad and he’s hurt and he’s going to go back to Minnesota and do his own thing without Mom or Dad…

Leona and Solveig meet while flying to a National Park on the Hudson Bay. Their plane lands fine, but another one crashes into the frigid water and all four passengers appear to have died. One of them is a legislator, another is the older brother of the Canadian Prime Minister. The pilot and his wife are also pronounced dead.

Everything in the tiny town of Rankin Inlet shuts down for a period of mourning – and while the RCMP investigate, because it appears that there may have been foul play.

The two wandering young adults hit it off, share their woes and after walking the night away, they are passing the police station in the middle of the night and witness the four dead people…standing in front of the police station, which has shattered windows and a couple of apparently dead police officers laying on the ground…

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